Faded Days / Don’t Know What To Say – 7″ – The Racket


This young four piece from Widnes are causing a buzz amongst the followers of the Merseyside music scene. Bristling with attitude and confidence, The Racket sing songs that reflect the hopes and aspirations of them and their friends – the Post Brexit Generation. Their anthemic Faded Days deals with being stuck in a dead end, low paid job and hating it and wanting to escape this grim reality. Don’t Know What To Say is a prime example of their musical muscularity. It’s a huge sonic forearm smash to the senses, which references one of their musical heroes, The Sex Pistols.  It’s also a call- to-arms shout out that The Clash would absolutely sign up for, and one that catches the zeitgeist of their particular demographic. The Racket have given musical expression to these social, political and economic frustrations in a very powerful way.



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